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Uses for Viafil fibre


1. What is Viafil made off ? Polyolefine yarn
Viafil is made of 70 to 80% of polyolefine and 20 to 30% add inns. These are other molecules which are programmed into the core of the yarn.
What is polyolefine? It is a modified polyolefine. This is of the same family of materials as is polypropylene.

2. Which type of yarn is Viafil? F.T. and F.T.F continuous filament
Viafil is a continues filament, Friction Texturized (FT) yarn in fine yarn counts. To produce this yarn we developed our own extrusion machines (own patent)

3. How is it produced? By extrusion
Over 10 years of own R&D brought us to a type of machine where extrusion of polyolefine in fine Yarns was possible.

4. In what numbers, NM, DTX, cotton count? NM 130 to NM 18 dtx 44 to 550
The most current numbers are Dtx 44,78,110,167,220,330,440, 550 NM

5. Physical properties. Is very soft in touch, softer than polyester

6. Mechanical properties. is very strong and resist to a load of 20 kg to cm2

7. Chemical properties resists to acid

8. Thermal (warmth) conductivity coefficient
It is the warmest fiber on earth, warmer than wool

9. Electrical properties.
Charges negatively (- 1.000 v; /cm2)


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