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VIAFIL® The yarn then keeps you warm and dry
the yarn of the 21 century


1. Elasticity
Unlike most conventional yarns, VIAFIL® is naturally elastic, and can stretch up to 300 pct.

2. Everlasting bright solid colours.
The yarn is not died with add on dye as conventional yarn but is manufactured with the colour inside its core during production . All colours are solid colours that can never wash out.

3. Anti stain
As the yarn absorbs nothing, nothing gets into it, and stains can be removed very easily. For most stains a cold, hand wash is sufficient, though in some cases a 40 degree machine wash is recommended.

4. Anti stress.
Thanks to its negative electrical value ( - 1. 000 v. / cm2), the Viafil yarn is like a buffer for all the positive electrical charges that are developed around our body during work. Example When wearing Viafil underwear ; no electrical field is created between your computer screen and user, and thus helps relieve stress. (for more details, click here)

5. Anti allergic and anti bacterial.
The molecular structure of Viafil does not contain any skin sensitive groups for example chlorides. The yarn itself does not absorb anything ( 0. 0%) bacteria's will find nothing to feed on and will literally "starve to death". In some Viafil fabrics even anti bacterial and anti mildew are grafted into the yarns core , in order to actively kill all bacteria and mildew present in the environment.

6. Anti-odour.
The yarn absorbs no body sweat, and thus prevents body odour form forming. (for more details, click here)

7. Eternally repellent.
The yarn can receive trough laser exposure a repellent grafting in the core of the yarn. Clothes made of this type of VIAFIL® will have water and spills run off the fabric. This repellence will remain as long as you have fibre( eternally). For example : In a sports sweater made of repellent VIAFIL® you can walk in the rain without getting wet.

8. Anti - static.
The negative electrical polarity of the yarn helps neutralising the large amounts of positive electrical charge around us. For example: In wintertime when the atmosphere is very dry, many people receive small electrical shocks when they touch metal. Wearing clothes made of Viafil ® yarn will considerably reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate, this phenomenon.

9. Anti pilling.
Because Viafil ® is a continuous filament yarn, consisting of many very tiny fibres (microfibres) there is no pilling (no little bits of yarn can "rub off" under the effect of friction).

10. Chemically inert and anti acid.
The yarn doesn't react to chemical products even not to acids.

11. U. V. resistant
The yarn resists to U. V. waves and consequently protects your body form the dangerous UV rays from the sun.

12. High tech thermo insulating.
Due to the capillary capacity off the Viafil® fibre it conducts the body sweat in vapour stage to the exterior and therefore keeps your body dry. Other fabrics first absorb your sweat and eventually transport it to the outside. Viafil also has the lowest thermal conductivity of all fibres, making it a super insulator, even better than wool. Viafil ® is warmer than wool lighter doesn't itch doesn't shrink

13. Super strong and very resistant
The Viafil® fibre is one of the strongest fibres that exist today, with the result that clothes made of Viafil will have a very long life.

14. The lightest fibre on earth, ( 0. 91 gr/cm3)
For many professional sports people, what they wear is of utmost importance. The lighter the better, for both performance and comfort.

15. Recyclable.
Viafil is 100% recyclable and does not contain any environmental damaging products. Only environmental friendly product are used in the manufacturing. This is not the case for other yarns.

Clothes made of Viafil® afford the best protection,
and infinite comfort..



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