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VIAFIL® The yarn then keeps you warm and dry
the yarn of the 21 century


Q. Can Viafil be piece died?
A. No, it is always yarn died.

Q. How many colours are available?
A. Every color you wish can be made but min. 250 kg.

Q. Can you make my color?
A. Yes

Q. What is your average delivery time?
A. 4 to 6 weeks upon order confirmation

Q. What is the minimum order?
A. Samples can be small after that min 250 kg per color

Q. Which type of cones or bobbins is Viafil warped on?
A. Standard cylinder form yarn cones

Q. Can we order sample material?
A. Yes! Click here to order your free sample.

Q. What is the advantage F.T. (friction texturised) against Staple yarn?
A. Friction textures does not brake so easy and does not give pilling, and is available in small yarn counts.

Q. How do you finish fabrics and knits made out Viafil?
A. Wash the cloth at 60 ° C , to get the spin finish off the yarn.
Then dry the fabric and callender it . It has to pass min. 4 min at 110 ° C. to be fixed. That will avoid the finish goods from shrinkage. And will keep shrinkage tot 2 pct max.



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