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VIAFIL ® anti stress ®

VIAFIL® fibers gives an anti-stress value of 20 to 30 %

How do you measure that ?

Medical doctor dr. Elsen has developed a healing method based on the Polarity medicine. He developed a machine that measures energetic fields. These measurements are based on muscle strength measurements (kinisiology), acupuncture and Chinese knowledge of yang or + and Yin or -.

This PTT machine (Polarity Test Therapy or PTT machine) measures the positive (+ or anabolic, contracting) and the negative (- or catabolic, relaxing) energy fields of each material, as well living (organic) as death (inorganic) material. The value of the measurements is expressed in degrees between 0 and 100 Positive, yang, stressed or 0 to 100 negative, yin, or relaxed. The healthy balance between both is the point zero.

Measurements with this machine have demonstrated that the VIAFIL® fiber has relaxing, anti stressing action of between 20 to 30 % (negative charge i.e. de- stressing)

Most people in our society today have too much of + positive or anabolic energy in their body. This to much (results in stress) of contracting energy enters your body through:

1. what you eat i.e. too much salt, meat, cheese etc.
2. your living environment (computer screen, Mobile phone, much car driving etc.)

All this causes stress diseases (to much + ,to much Yang)

Garments made out of VIAFIL® fiber give the body a Relaxing force of - 20 to - 30 % according to the P.T.T. measurement. 80 % of the people (this means all stressed people) are helped by wearing clothes made out of this new fiber.



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